Friday, August 15, 2008

The Danger of Not Being Sick

I want to revisit Spurgeon's comments from the previous post. He mentions there the Biblical truth that Jesus came for the sick and that the sicker you are the more glory Christ receives. (Okay, maybe he didn't say the 2nd point, be it was implied.)

However, there is a danger of "Not being Sick" How can this be? How can it be BAD to NOT be sick?

Well I thought about it last night, and that's just what I've concluded, sometimes it's bad to not be sick. Let's look at this situation:

Susan would reluctantly tell you she's a gossip. She's not proud of it, but she doesn't really try to hide it either, because she's worried that by hiding it, she might come across better than she really is. Susan is embarrassed by her gossiping, and at the same time it's something that she prays about constantly. So she reflects about it and realizes that she is sick. She needs Jesus to break her free from the sin of gossiping. She's never more aware of this than when she's just passed on a piece of juicy office gossip.

Yet one Tuesday was different. She came to work at the normal time, but stayed away from the "triggers." She took her coffee break 10 minutes later than normal, so she wouldn't be sitting around with her friends gossiping. She ate lunch at her desk and did some work. When she got home, Susan was thrilled about not gossiping.

After the kids went to bed, and she had some time to just think, she started to congratulate herself on the fact that she did not gossip all day. And by congratulating herself, she wound up denying the other sins that she committed that day.

The danger of not being sick is just that. When we don't feel like we're incredibly sick and in need of a doctor, we often fail to realize that even if we don't commit our "main sin" we're still sinful.

Now, all that being said, victory over sin is good. It is wonderful when someone is able to control lust, or addiction, or gossip etc. But it must always be done with a few things in mind 1) It is Christ who changes us. So even if we pull off a day like Susan did, if Christ is not in it, all we've done is avoid the sin, but we still have the desire to gossip. 2) Regardless of if we're committing our chief sin or not, we're still, by nature, sinful and in need of a savior.

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