Sunday, August 10, 2008

What are you trusting God for that only He can provide?

So that's the question that was posed to us today at Coram Deo, by pastor Bob. In his series on renewal, today was "faith" and I immediately thought "that's a strange part of renewal." Now, of course, you can't have renewal without faith, but it seems like it's a pre-requisite and not a part of renewal.

However, I think the way faith was described, makes a lot of sense. He basically went to Hebrews 11 and talked about how faith is the certainty of things not yet seen. So, in that sense, faith is definitely a part of renewal, while also being a pre-requisite. It is reflecting back on how God works, and how he's worked in the past. Spurgeon, in the first lecture from Lectures to My Students starts by saying there are ways in which God works normally. There may be ways in which he works spontaneously, but by and large, we should assume that He will continue to work the same things He's done in the past.

For example, there have been a few times of great revival in various parts of the world. Such as the Great Awakening of the early US. And those were definitely from God. However, even when there are no "great awakenings" going on, God still works through individual believers to bring other sinners to saving faith. So we can count on the promises of God that he will 1) use us to 2) bring others to faith in Him. We can have faith (certainty) that we will be used by God (of things not yet seen).

So the question, again, becomes What are you trusting God for that only He can do? What promises, what assurance do I have? What areas in my life do I have certainty of things not yet seen. To be honest, I answered that question with "I know what areas I NEED to trust God for only what He can do, but I'm not trusting him now."

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