Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Resting is hard work

At Coram Deo, they're going through a series on renewal. Two weeks ago, Elder Bob preached on Sabbath, and encouraged each of us to live a life marked by rest. He exhorted us that we need Jesus' help with resting the same as we do with overcoming lust, or addiction, or gossip.

I knew he was right, but thought it would be easier for me, because even 2 years ago, I had nightly times of meditation and reflection. And, to be honest, those were some of the best times in my life. Since we've moved to Omaha, I haven't been as faitful at meditating, but I desire to, because I can recollect my life from when I was meditating.

However, this practice has brought to the forefront something I had forgotten. It is HARD WORK to rest. I had a prof at Southern who started several classes by reading Hebrews and how Christ fulfilled the resting, and he called it a "restful work, or a workful rest" I didn't fully understand that until now (okay, I don't still fully understand it, but it's better.)

Reasons it's hard to rest
  1. Kids -- it's hard to rest when the kids are up, so I try to do it after they go to sleep, but this often leaves me little time before I need to go to sleep.
  2. Lot's to do -- dishes, setting a budget, taking the trash out, laundry any number of other things that all compete for that 1.5 hours after the kids are asleep
  3. Task oriented -- I set a timer on my cell phone. Not so that I won't rest TOO long, but so that I'll at least rest and reflect long enough. Currently I spend 10 minutes trying to relax, breathing deep etc and another 10 doing nothing but reflecting on a passage of Scripture that I've read
Now all of those are true reasons, but none of them are good. Like most things in life, the hard work is paid off. Not by becoming more sanctified by the hard work, but by deliberately resting it opens up whole new channels for Christ and I to have communion, and as a result, new channels for me to be changed.

It is a workful rest in deed.

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